Representing El Cajon on the City Council

I am honored and grateful to voters in El Cajon for their trust in me to serve as a city councilman through 2020.

I will frequently remind myself why I ran for office:  "To improve the qualify of life for residents and businesses in El Cajon and to attract those who aren't."

I never sought to be a politician, but a servant leader.  I'm passionate about civic service to El Cajon.  Now that I'm in politics, though, I've heard from many of you what kind of politics make for good government.  Based on that feedback, I came up with my own definition:

Integrity, and

That spells politics.  I think it's a great place to start.

Since the start of my campaign and now into elected office, I've met so many good people and made many new friends.  A friend once told me there were no strangers to him, just friends he hadn't met yet.  I like that philosophy when thinking about the people I've yet to meet in our great city.

If you ever would like me to know of a concern you have or just to share your thoughts on a topic, please don't hesitate to send an email to me at, or calling me at (619) 328-5644.